Friday, March 11, 2016


In few days my husband and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. We were planning on something special to do on that day.  After discussing some ideas, we chose to go on a two day trip to our first vacation spot.

But guess what?...our list ended up having our 9 best ideas, and here are some recommendations that I would love to share. Enjoy it! 
1.- TRAVEL TO YOUR FIRST VACATION SPOT: planning in advance will help you get the days off from work for a vacation. You can recreate the first vacation you both had together. It will bring you memories and for sure will be fun for both.

2.- RECREATE THE FIRST  DATE:  whether the first date was at the movies, restaurant,  or waiting for the sunset, it is always a good idea to recreate a first day as a celebration of your anniversary.

3.- GO FOR A BRUNCH: search for places  that you both love to go visit and eat. Those places probably have brunch options. However, if you already have a favorite place for brunch, go there and enjoy the meal together.

4.- REPEAT YOUR HONEYMOON DESTINATION: depending on what your honeymoon destination was, you could be able to afford the plans and repeat the experience. Wouldn't you love going back to your honeymoon plans?

5.- GO ON A CRUISE: if you live close to a cruise port, consider taking a weekend cruise. It is a great option to do something nice for a few days. You could have food included, pool, spa and other entertainment options that you can enjoy together and relax.  

6.- EXPLORE A NEW PLACE: do you remember a place or activity you have talked about but never had time to do it? , some ideas would be to go hiking, canoeing, or boating. This idea could be done in one of your days off, and you can make it affordable.
7.- GO ON A ROAD TRIP : if you planned ahead and requested your days off, plan a road trip. On your way to the final destination don't forget to stop and enjoy the views, take as many pictures as you can, and learn from all the different places you will be visiting. Drive safe!
8.- A DAY FOR THE TWO OF YOU: plan on taking the day off for the two of you. That day you can enjoy each other and cook your favorite food together, watch a movie at home, drink your favorite wine, and because dessert is my favorite thing in the suggestion is having something sweet to celebrate an anniversary!

9.- DINNER AT YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT: food is always a good choice. I love celebrating at my favorite restaurant and would love to recommend you this option. When you visit the same restaurant a few times, the people recognize you. Take advantage of it, make a reservation and let them know that is your anniversary. They may do something to make it even more special. Bon Appetite!
Remember, the idea of celebrating is to enjoy each other's company no matter what the plan is. But if you choose to do something different, these 9 ideas to celebrate your anniversary will help in your planning.
Happy Anniversary!