Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Photo by Domino Arts and Bitton Events
Are you in the middle of the wedding planning and still have no idea how to entertain your guests?. Yes, I know. It can get frustrated if you still don't know what to include in the cocktail hour or reception.
Having a wedding entertainment plays an important role in your big day. After all, you are planning a day to spend with your family and friends, and you want them to have fun.
Always remember to keep your budget in mind when you evaluate each of the choices available for wedding entertainment. Also, look for the latest trends and try to incorporate it to your wedding theme.
Depending on the size of your wedding you can choose to have one or more entertainment ideas. Here are the five ideas explained with more details.

This trend started few years ago and still very popular among events nowadays. However, it has been transformed into different styles. You can find photo booth rentals from as low as $30 to $600 or higher, it all depends on what you want and how you want it. You can save some money by downloading the photo booth app to your device, and using a tripod. Make sure you place it in a nice area where people can fit comfortable, and add some fun accessories that your guests can wear for the pictures. You can have a photo booth for small or large parties.

 Selfie - sticks are very popular at the moment. Most of the time are used for trips since it is an easier way to take pictures of yourself with the background and not having to ask for help. How can you incorporate this trend to your wedding ? Well, how about having one on each table, or three at the  entrance for the cocktail or reception area, depending on your budget and the dynamic you would like to create within your guests.

Having a band to play at your wedding is a lot of fun. The band provides an incredible atmosphere among your guests, most of the time the musicians interact with your guests and make sure they are involved in the party. One recommendation is to keep a balance within your guests count and having  a band or not. If you are having less than 150 guests, a band of 3-4 people will look and feel good. For instance, if you plan on having more than 150 go ahead and enjoy a full band, it will be a lot of fun!

Do you know what is the Hora Loca Show?. 

This is my favorite option of entertainment for a social event. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and encourage your guests to feel comfortable an enjoy the moment. It is a tradition that started 25 years ago when a Venezuelan couple celebrated New Year's Eve in Spain and enjoyed a party with hats, masks and confetti. The show lasts 40 minutes to keep the party going. Nowadays, la Hora Loca is celebrated in other countries of South America and became very popular in the United States, mostly used for wedding entertainment. 

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This trend consist in having a DJ playing music with live musicians.  A great option for smaller events. It creates a fun atmosphere, is easier to fit in small venues,  and you can always incorporate as many musicians and instruments as you want. I chose DJ Fusion + Hora Loca for my wedding. I used Bitton Events for lighting, DJ, a musician (drummer), and the Hora Loca show with extra drummers interacting with the guests on the dance floor. It was an amazing time!

Enjoy !

If you are trying to find  vendors in your area feel free to contact me for advice in implementing any of these entertainment ideas for your wedding.