Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day - Last minute ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas by Oli

 Valentine's day is celebrated in many countries. Some countries celebrate it during different times of the year. In the United States is celebrated tomorrow February 14th.

If you did not have time to plan something for your valentine and still trying to put something together , here are some last minute ideas that will help you.

1. DINNNER AT HOME: if you like to cook then use your skills to practice on this Valentine's day. The final purpose is be to make him/her feel special.

2. DESSERT AND MOVIES AT HOME: get a rental movie from your favorite rental movies provider. You can do some decoration around the place and eat your favorite desserts.

3. MOVIE TICKETS: make sure to purchase the tickets early, do not wait until you get to the movie theater. Remember it could be sold out.

4. IN TOWN SHOWS: have you checked what shows are in town?. Maybe you can find some last minute deals for concerts or other shows you like.

5. GETAWAY PICNIC: take that special person to the mountain, the beach, or a local park where you can set up some easy food, have a nice , and relaxed picnic.

Enjoy your Valentine's day!