Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Yes, Spring is here! ... and is time to wear beautiful colors such as light pink, peach, blues, yellow, and green.

For this season, I want to show some dress ideas you can wear for weddings and other special events. It is important to dress accordingly to the weather. You don't want to wear long sleeves during a summer outdoor event, right?

Take a look at this dresses you can use for your event during this season, but also consider your skin tone and match it with the right color.

One common mistake is when we tend to use the same color tones that our skin or a completely opposite tone. Most probably we look too dark or too pale.

For a more fresh yet elegant look with full length dress... 

Avilable at Rent The Runway
But wait!... short dresses can also be elegant. Your style and personality are the perfect accessories to make it look great.

Avilable at Rent The Runway

Some of the styles are appropriate for summer as well, so you can combine the same dress with different accessories to change the look for different events. Now, a good trick for you to not worry about spending too much on dresses you probably will not repeat, try renting the dress.

All the dresses you saw above are available for rent. Isn't this amazing?, you can have a complete different look for each one of your events. So, no more worries about purchasing and keeping the dress in the closet, just return it and enjoy it the next one!

Have fun!