Sunday, May 29, 2016

Today I decided to explore the farmers market by my neighborhood. I didn't expect it to be so good, but it turned out to be an amazing time. The vendors are all artists, and the fruits and vegetables section is actually pretty big enough to spend a good amount of time choosing your produce... I love it!

This was my first time going to the farmer's market in Orlando, and not knowing much about it I just went there with nothing but just cash. It was funny because I wanted to get every single fruit and vegetable but my hands were completely full. They don't give you any bags, people usually bring their recyclable  bags. Then, I remember one of the first vendors that have different baskets , so I paid my first part , bought a basket, and went back for more produce.
I am now in love with my new basket, isn't this the most stylish and colorful way of doing groceries?.


So, this is an awesome weekend plan I recommend to anyone that can go to their closest farmers market. The produce are just more affordable and last longer. In addition, it is an experience and just a different environment.

After the farmers market I decided to stop by a small fashion boutique two blocks away. I like independent fashion boutiques. Most of these boutiques offer unique pieces from designers that may not be famous but are very talented and provide good quality items. Take a look at some of my favorite items from this boutique.

Yes, I got both pair of shorts, they look beautiful and they are comfortable. The fabric is very resistant yet very light and it is a great choice to look dressy during summer.
These are some tops and accessories options to match with these looks...